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We advertise your stock to a large, diverse audience, ensuring that your regular, exclusive & rare beverages are matched to the right customers.

With Preeze, your stock will not collect dust.

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How does it work?

Receive Orders

A customer finds your products and places an order through the Preeze app.

Package products

Your store accepts the order and packs the products.

Order Pickup

One of our friendly delivery partners will arrive to pickup the order and deliver it.

  • What documents do I need?
    One document to prove your right to work in the UK, which could be: UK/EEA passport EEA ID card (plus additional photo ID) Non-EEA passport, with valid visa (including immigration status) or Biometric Residence Permit UK birth/adoption certificate with National Insurance number One document to prove your address, which could be: A bank or credit card statement An original utility bill (excluding mobile phone)
  • How do I earn with Preeze?
    Get paid on each delivery - Being an independent contractor making deliveries via our delivery partner platform, you will be paid for delivering beverages from our partner stockists to our customers. You choose which orders you accept; earnings vary per order but will be displayed on the app and you are paid for all the orders you successfully deliver. Riders keep 100% of any tips they receive, paid at the same time as the rest of your earnings. Once you’ve joined you can order professional kit from the Preeze support for free. Here’s what you can get for free, when you join Preeze: A Preeze cap One cooler bag Phone mount
  • What are the requirements for being a rider?
    To ride with Preeze you’ll need: A UK bank account A smartphone – (iOS 11 and above) or Android (6.0 and above) Your own vehicle (car or motorised scooter) with the necessary safety equipment Proof of your right to work in the UK, as self-employed You must also: Be 18yrs or over Have no unspent criminal convictions Cars and motorised scooters will also need delivery insurance as well as regular motor vehicle insurance. When applying to ride with a car or scooter you’ll also need to provide: UK/EEA driving licence (or provisional licence and CBT for scooters) Proof of delivery insurance
  • What insurance do I need?
    You will need your normal car insurance (SD&P) and ‘Hire & Reward’ insurance when working with us. Social, Domestic & Pleasure (SD&P) This is standard insurance that covers you for the everyday use of your vehicle, not using your vehicle for your work. SD&P insurance is a legal requirement for any vehicle that has not been declared off-road. Hire and Reward (H&R) Your SD&P insurance does not cover you for your delivery work with Preeze. If you’re delivering orders in return for payment, in addition to SD&P you’ll need to have: · Hire and reward insurance, or · Carriage of goods, for hire and reward insurance These are the specific type of cover that our delivery partners need to have in place, to carry out deliveries on a scooter or in a car. It covers you when you use your car or scooter for work. We’ll need to see proof of this insurance before you start riding with us. Not sure where to get your insurance? We find a lot of riders use these mobile providers: · MCE provides annual delivery insurance. You can read more here · Zego offer pay-as-you-go courier insurance, so you only pay for the time you're online. You can read more here · TradeX provides delivery insurance. You can read more here · Acorn provides food delivery insurance for couriers. You can read more here

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