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What we stand for 


At Preeze we strive to serve our users to the best of our abilities and are dedicated to providing as much value as possible to our Drivers, Stockists and Customers. 


We ensure that our drivers are paid fairly and have control over their working schedule. They will not be penalized for not accepting orders and we provide training to ensure they can safely deliver drinks to customers. We have a zero tolerance for any abuse towards our drivers and are committed to supporting them in any way we can.


We're committed to operating as sustainably as possible at Preeze. We have plans to provide our drivers with electric vehicles which can be used as we scale our business. We provide stockists with paper bags for deliveries and source the paper from responsibly managed forests, which have stringent chain of custody processes in place to meet 'Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification' (PEFC) and 'The Forest Stewardship Council' FSC requirements.


We are committed to the safety of our customers and want to promote conscious and responsible consumption of alcohol. In the instance you would like to take a break or restrict your access to our service, you can fill in the details below to voluntarily exclude yourself from our platform. This means you will no longer be able to place an order through our app. If you or someone you know may have a problem with alcohol, it might be wise to seek professional help, your GP is always a good place or you can find information on support services here. If you have any questions about this service or would like to know more, you can contact our customer care team at

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